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HERBS_TINBOX_Bio_creta_dittany__mixed_teaA number of common health problems, such as the common cold and indigestion or headaches, malaise, etc., can be treated successfully with the use of herbs thus avoiding taking medicine that can have unpleasant or annoying side-effects. Furthermore, even for more serious ailments, under the guidance of the competent physician, herbs can play an important role in the cure of and relief from symptoms.

Among the diseases and ailments normally treated by botanotherapists* are allergies, arthritis, infections, circulatory problems, liver diseases, gynecological problems (relating to menstrual cycle), skin diseases, stress related problems (headaches, insomnia, palpitations).

*Botanotherapists or phytotherapists in Europe are doctors who have had postgraduate studies in medicinal botanology. Do not trust people who do not have the proper qualifications. Always consult your personal physician

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