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You may not know it, but if you are an olive oil lover, you have tasted Greek olive oil at least once.

Greece’s olive oil production is in excess of 300,000 tons annually. Greece, even though a quite small country, holds the 3rd place among the olive oil producers. As much as 70% of all production is Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Additionally, the per capita consumption  is  the highest in the world - almost 16 kilos (32 pounds) annually! More over, in Crete the consumption of olive oil, per capita, is more than 70 pounds  on an annual basis.

Still, there is enough olive oil  left, over a 1/3 of the annual production (135,000 tons), to be exported. In fact Greece is the world's largest exporter of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. All those involved in the production and marketing of olive oil know the superior quality and the excellent organoleptic properties of Greek Olive Oil, which is exported in bulk, and quietly sneaks into bottles and cans to silently grant its unparalleled taste and aroma to olive oil packaged and sold elsewhere. Therefore, a regular olive oil consumer has tasted Greek Olive Oil at least once.Greek Olive Oil is mainly exported to the EU 90% of total olive oil exports (80% in bulk plus 10% Greek brand name olive oil).

The presence of Greek brand-name olive oil on the international market been minimal. for many years.The average consumer didn't use to find it easy to get to Greek olive oil. In the recent years though there has been a steady change. Greek exports have increased greatly. To a certain extent this increase, reflects the upward swing in overall olive oil consumption due to the shift towards healthy nutrition and the consequent proliferation of Mediterranean cuisine. And as the international consumer learns to recognize the value of olive oil, he will come to recognize what the experts already know: the incomparable virtues and personality of Greek olive oil.

We are happy that Stelman Trade has expanded its range of products with a selection of goods in olive oil of superior Cretan extra virgin quality and wines from quality Cretan grapes.We are introducing  Elma Extra Virgin Olive Oil in different packagings, in order  to service different targets group  for our clients abroad.

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